This is how we started...

We are a couple of women who have embarked on a new dream together and that now makes us "Las eMakers". As a result of the current situation that the world is going through, we started a new project which we are passionate about and we are sure that we can help you regardless of the type of business you have.

For many years we were both in the financial field and for more than a year we took the same path and started an e-commerce business together, which made us not only partners, but very good friends.

Together we study, we train, we invest a lot of time to get to design and develop our own e-commerce store.


What changed?

The pandemic! When closing the borders we had to pause our e-commerce store, this, like many businesses, forced us to look for new opportunities and that is how everything we learned about e-commerce took its course and we became Las eCommerce

Now we are...

After further study we proudly became Shopify and Wix Partners.

And this is only the beginning of much more to come.